3 Extraordinary Ways Dance Can Further Your Child's Development

Our educational schools seem to be minimizing creative arts leaving parents to seek out afterschool places for their children to release their pent-up creative expression.

Ashton Academy provide a variety of different streams of activity. Today I would like to focus on the art of dance.

When we think of dancing we rationally know and understand that it is good for the physical body, creates some cardio, fun, maintains healthy vital levels in our body and creates a way for us to have a certain level of balance within our thinking brain and creative brain.

On a clinical level the evidence is mounting, showing that screen time has significantly increased, and creative arts have taken a back seat.

So, not only are our schools neglecting our need for creative expression, but the likes of gaming are also robbing our younger generation of the ability to delve their mind, body and soul into dance and other forms of art.

Here are 3 Ways Dance Can Further Your Child’s Development

Mood Enhancing

Watching the kids faces in class, we know that s fun. Exercise should be fun right? Dancing can leave a child feeling refreshed not only physically but can help them shake off the daily stress from school and improve their mood, this in turn keeps depression and anxiety away while fostering trust in a group and developing strong relationships.

Dancing promotes a loyalty to a group and develops their teamwork skills. They learn how to be patient with themselves and others, their listening skills sharpen, and they start to develop leadership skills.

Most importantly, they learn to accept the process of vulnerability. A skill that is lost to many people. Learning that it is ok that you haven’t quite mastered a move or having the courage to ask for help are skills that will help your child transition through the stages of life into adulthood.

Self-Worth & Confidence

When ever we are chatting to parents about their child trying something new. One of two comments are often brought into the conversation. The first being that when they were young and tried dancing their confidence levels grew. The second comment is that they are worried their child might not ever be confident and suffer through school. Dance, Circus and Gymnastics are wonderful ways to increase the self-worth and confidence in children. These types of art foster in children the ability to be able to stand in front of their school mates and deliver a short speech at assembly, their ability to communicate effectively with their peers improves and some kids who have previously struggled making friends often find the confidence to approach and be more approachable.

Lastly, in creating confident kids, dance allows a child to understand emotions and creatively express them with their body. Making it easier to identify these emotions when they catch us by surprise in the real world. Having the confidence to speak up and state their feelings is a truly powerful milestone for a child.

Motivation and Persistent Attitude

Dancing is an experiment for the child. They put to the test their stamina, perseverance, motivation along with their problem-solving skills. These vital skills are the backbone from the art of trial and error and the age old ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Developing and achieving a new skill after failing forward for what seems like eternity to them is the best driver and indicator of future success in every other area of their life moving forward such as school, career and relationships.


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Can’t wait to see your child out on the floor