How To Become An Aerialist

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Want To Know How You Can Become An Aerialist?

In our time of professional performance and training, we have seen many students participate in aerial artistry to either become a better, healthier version of themselves or to train at a professional level and become an aerial performer. Yes, some students make more progress than others in a quicker time frame. It is possible that they follow these 5 aerial success habits which we would like to share with you today.

1. Commitment

The number one fundamental in becoming a circus aerialist is making sure you attend at least once a week for leisure training, twice a week for health and well being or more for those with a professional goal in mind. Our bodies learn via repetition. Also known as muscle memory which is where your muscles remember and store information for the new moves and skills you are uploading into them. Once your mind and body have established them with regular weekly contact and training, your body will be ready to move onto newer and harder skill sets

2. Patience

Our bodies are amazing machines, we have to allow them time to take on new information. We naturally go through a plateau period after learning a new skill. This is where we start to get a little disheartened as we have mastered the skill yet we can’t seem to move on to the next level skill. This is your brain and body collating all the information and solidifying it before it allows you to move on. This is where patience comes in. Rather than give up, give yourself 2 or 3 lessons to allow your brain and body to catch up.

3. Stretching & Warm Up

Top end aerialists know that stretching and warm up are just as important if not more important than the actual skill itself. The more supple you are before attempting any aerial moves will not only make your moves more seamless but also make your next 48 hours much more manageable with minimal muscle after burn.

4. Health & Well Being

What goes in your mouth and essentially into your body will have a huge impact on your aerialist training and development. Water, being the most obvious tool to keep you hydrated during and after your aerial class. Light food (after all, you will be hanging upside down for a majority of your class) as well as a nutrient dense option after training to help the repair of muscles.

5. Be Kind To Yourself

This might seem obvious, but it is amazing how our inner critic voice can hound us for not being good enough or strong enough or like the others in class. This is about you and your individual development. To quiet that voice and give yourself a break, make a list of the things you have already achieved in class. If you are struggling, reach out to your coach and they will help you put a mantra list together. 

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